"You" as artist

We ask you to send us your potry or paintings and drawings, that you created by the inspiration of Andrea Carri's music! Then we would like to publish your works at our page.

Possibly you are a musician and you have covered one of Andrea's songs?

Then send us the link to your video or audio file so that we can share it at our page!

"You" as poet





"You" as painter

Maria Pia Pettolino created this drawing in 2013 and took part at our photo contest. Theme of the contest was "Metamorfosi".

Diario di un viaggiatore by Maria Pia Pettolino
Maria Pia Pettolino created this beautiful illustrated story and put it into a video that has the song of the same title as soundtrack - "Diario di un viaggiatore" (Diary of a traveler) from Andrea Carri's album Metamorfosi.

Vento dell'Ovest

Stefanie Fünfrocken has done this painting by the inspiration of Vento dell'Ovest from the album "Partire".

Cuori nel vento

Stefanie Fünfrocken created this painting by the inspiration of Cuori nel vento from the album "Metamorfosi".

La via delle sette torri by Maria Pia Pettolino

The official video to the song"La via delle sette torri" from the album Chronos. Text and drawings by Maria Pia Pettolino, video edit by Giulio Ferrari.

Giochi di luce
Davide Giuranno created this painting by the inspiration of Giochi di luce from the album "Metamorfosi".

Quote from Davide Giuranno:

Sound waves bouncing into the room, a melody that fills the space and is looking for and embracing silence. Dreamy and distracted by the melody, make eye of the light that, like the sound, fills the space but rather it embraces the reflected and refracted shades in a becoming of light plays, and is soon inspiration.


"You" as musician

A guitar solo by Roberto Gallico, who covered Andrea's song "Storie di Naufragi" from the album "Partire".

Piano Solo by 88stories, who covered Andrea's song "Frammenti" from the album "Metamorfosi".


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