Cover by Maria Pia Pettolino

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Shadows is the sixth album by Andrea Carri, it was composed and recorded with the drummer Francesco Camminati and released with Memory Recordings

In the life of a musician there is always a private place where we search for our dimension and inspiration. In particular, we find out who we are when we have an instrospective atmosphere. You have to imagine a warm room where there are only a few lights and shadows all around. Here the artist finds out uncommon emotions and writes his music.

The album is about what we have discovered inside our Shadows.
Andrea & Francesco


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Photo contest

In October 2017 we initiated a photo contest to celebrate the new album by Andrea Carri and Franceso Camminati.


The new videos with the songs will be released step by step. And there will also be some videos which will tell you something about the birth of the different songs!

Follow the links below to watch the videos and to learn more about the songs.

  • Universal Gravitation
  • Whisper
  • Love
  • Flying Away
  • The Theory of Relativity
  • This is not the Strawberry Season
  • Shadows
  • Nyhavn
  • Feelings
  • The Dark Tower - Part I The Gunslinger

Universal Gravitation

Music by Andrea Carri & Francesco Camminati
Arranged by Andrea Carri, Francesco Camminati & Perry Frank
Starring Eleonora Bijhoop
Edited by Andrea Carri & Eleonora Bijhoop

Watch also the backstage video (in Italian with English subtitles) to get to know something about the composing work of that song: