Ways to support Andrea:

We founded the fanclub to make the music from Andrea known to an even wider public. Your help is needed to reach this goal and it does not need much to help as you can see below.

You can help:

  • by sharing links that lead to his videos at Youtube and by clicking the "like" buttons.

  • by sharing links that lead to related sites and pages, to his official web site and to his composer fanpage at Facebook ad example. Or by sharing links to our fanclub web site and our fanclub page at Facebook.

  • by linking from your site or blog to sites that are related to Andrea.

  • by using the scrobbler from Last.fm you can read here how it works.

  • by making contact to Andrea if you know someone who could use his music to create promotion videos or something similar.

  • by making contact to Andrea if you see an opportunity for him to get booked for a concert.

  • by asking your favorite radio station to play music from Andrea.

Thanks for taking your time and your assistance!