by ©Annette Schrab-Clark


buoy to keep me afloat
calm waves to cradle my boat
weight on my anchor
to keep me to my moor
from adrift off into the sea
away and aimlessly again
compass to steer from storms
sun from fears keep me warm
a fish to put on my hook
fuel of flames as I cook
nourishment in my feed
enriching my every need
bright the stars above lull
sleep in tales I dream of
the rest upon my wake
the joys in which I partake
the plot of my navigation
to a curious destination
this is all of all I ask of within
in which waters I bask
the all of that I call my own
and the freedom from being alone
breath in prayers and
the ascent of
sent thank yous and

Quote from Annette Schrab-Clark:
"Inspired while I was listening to Storie di Naufragi-"The Story of Shipwrecks. This is such a calming, yet reassuring and growing richer song as it goes. As though faith that keeps me strong. The words to the poem are a bit abstract, but has many layers of meaning. Although analyzing it is not at all needed I think, because Andrea's song sets that message within us even without words... calm, faith, belonging to nature, and giving in to it and knowing that it will take care of us."

There is also a video with the poem and a song by Andrea:

The poem is also included in Annette Clark's Volume 1 E-Book of "From Fly-Over Country" - Musings of the Midwest.

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