Love, Liberty and Peace

by Stefanie Fünfrocken

One day Love, Peace and Liberty have decided to go separate ways.

The world is missing much Love, Liberty and Peace, so they were hoping to reach even more by taking different roads. So each of us can do something good at different places instead of working together at the same place.

Love left to visit the little Jennifer. God has told her that the little girl often was crying at night since she feels that nobody cares for her. Love noticed an infernal noise as soon as she arrived at Jennifer’s house. The father stayed in the kitchen and was yelling badly.

He was rather drunken and having problems to keep himself upright, still he had enough power to throw some glasses on the kitchen floor. He was that drunken that Love could not even understand his babble.

The mother has sat at the table and was slightly tembling and silently crying.

The little girl was laying in bed and pulled the blanket over her head, so that she did not have to listen to the yelling of her father.“Oh”, thought Love, “if only Peace were with me so that it would be quieter here. But so I can not accomplish anything with my forces. Or if at least Liberty would be here. Together we certainly could convince the mother to take her child and to go for shelter at the refuge for battered woman".

Love stood behind the woman and stroke softly her back. For a brief moment stopped the woman her crying, but then she began to cry even harder. Love could not do anything for the little girl. She has tried to calm her down by singing a lullaby, but the girl was far too scared and took the blanket even tighter over her head.

Love became very sad and noticed that her forces were fertile just at places where already was prepared a ground of liberty and peace.

Peace was also not doing any better. She has left to visit a conflict area to bring peace to the antagonized nations. There have already been grimly battles at this region for years.

There was also a battle in progress when Peace arrived. Soldats were laying at both sides of the border in funk holes, strongly determined to defend their country with arms. At one of the sides the soldats were fighting to seize the region, hoping to get it back because many years ago this area was belonging to their nation.

The soldats at the other side were fighting for their liberty, they would not become conquered and then live as a minority in another country. Peace stood at the border and was thinking what she could do.

If only Love and Liberty would be here with me! Together we surely would manage to get the nations to the round table so that we could search for an agreement. But so I’m completely powerless. You can not spread peace in places where is neither liberty nor love.”

Liberty has left with the target to free slaves. Whole families including their children have been working for rich people. They had to be available for their employers from the early morning until late at night. They did neither receive any salary nor have human accomodations.

The slaves appeared to be rather broken-down, tired and wintry whereas the slavedrivers have been briming over with power and smugness. There was not even a breeze of humanity and the atmosphere was not the tinest bit peaceful.

Liberty noticed how one of the slavedrivers was kicking a tired man, trying to get him back to work!

“How can I free the slaves without the help of Love and Peace?” asked the Liberty herself. “Without a spark of love the slavedrivers will never have any understanding for the poor slaves. And the slaves who never got to know the Liberty wont dare to rebel against their 
employers.” Liberty can exist only at places where also are peace and love. A short time later the Love, the Liberty and the Peace met once again to talk about the experiences that they made during their trips. They have recognized that they can reach nothing if they are 
working on their own.

So they decided to stay together forever. They know that they can not turn the whole world into a better place, even together will they be powerless at places where hate and envyousness are reigning. But here and there they can reach something and to make the world a 
better place to some people at least

© Stefanie Fünfrocken