Alternative projects

Pedala Piano

Pedala Piano is an innovative project, created by three young pianists from Reggio Emilia and Modena (Andrea Carri, Francesco Mantovani, Daniele Leoni), Italy. They have been playing around Italy and Europe for many years and they have discovered that music for piano is an unique moment of union and sharing. People forget their problems and social differences in the name of beauty and the magic that the music can create. Their goal is to reproduce this magic, creating a Piano Bike to bring their concerts around italian cities, following the big success they had at Piano City Milano playing on the Piano Tandem. The special bike was designed and built by them, together with the bike garage "Rimessa in movimento" in Modena. Their goal is to spread the music, love and sharing that music can create around, beyond musical genres. They are very different pianists, each one specialized in a different genre and they firmly think that this is a great quality. They can play each kind of music, from Blues to Rock, from Classical music to Pop. Furthermore this is an unique opportunity to show people how every kind of music could be played with the universal instrument (piano). They have realised their project through the platform Music Raiser and the financial support of many people.

Hegel - Omaggio a Lucio Battisti

Hegel is a tribute band that wants to remember the unforgettable Lucio Battisti.
The idea comes from Elisa Lepre, who has been a big fan of Battisti since childhood. With the support and advice of Andrea Carri, who was already her keyboarder in previous projects, the project ran its course and some more great musicians joined them. The show is based on the artist and the sensations and emotions that convey his songs. It becomes a path full of anecdotes, stories and memories .... In short, the music meets the memories of the people.
Where does the name Hegel come from? It is based on the last song by Battisti, from 1994.