You as Organizer

Would you like to organize a concert with Andrea? It's easier than you might expect! So don't be afraid! If we believe in something, we can do it! Together! Get in touch with Andrea:

I'm Stefanie and I organized with the fanclub already three concerts and a house concert with Andrea in Germany. I wanted to tell you my personal experiences, so that you can see that it is not too difficult.

The idea that Andrea will come to Germany to give a concert for the members of his fanclub was quickly born after we founded the fanclub. But we wanted to give him the chance to present his music to a wider audience. So I started to search for a suitable location. A municipality at our region is known for its cultural events, mostly they present jazz events, but at times also classical concerts or cabarets and so on. I was calling the culture centrale of the municipality Saarwellingen. The responsible person of the culture centrale. Mrs. Cornelia Rohe, told me that they would provide us the concert hall for free and that a nice Pianoforte belongs to the concert hall. So Andrea and his friends just had to bring the rest of their equipment. The culture centrale put an announcement about the concert on their offical even schedule and made publicity in the regional newspapers. They hired Andrea one year later to play the Matinée and a few years later we organized for him a concert at Bietzen. 

Still we made also publicity ourselves by inviting our friends and relatives and by printing flyers and sharing them with friends. So some of our friends came to the concert in company of their friends.

Certainly at your region exist also locations (pubs, public buildings, churches), which host such events like concerts? All it takes are a few calls to find a location and to confirm the date. You only have to ask what kind of equipment is available (piano, amplifiers, speakers , etc.) and if you can use the location for free or if you have to pay a rental and to ask the visitors for entrance fee. But note that the presence of a piano is not a requirement, if necessary Andrea could use his digital pianoforte!

So do not be scared, get in touch with Andrea! Maybe then you can soon also enjoy such a magical evening like the one that we had at Saarwellingen and years later at Bietzen. 😄