concert at chronos studio in October 2016

Maria Pia Pettolino sent us this wonderful report. Thanks to you!

It's around 20:00 and together with some friends I am going to get into the "banners room", a place that by now is familiar to me. There the long-awaited house concert will beginn soon. As soon as I entered the room I was pleasantly surprised because I noticed two fantastic guitars alongside to Andra's piano! Wow!! The evening promises to be interesting!!!

I love the sound of these instruments!! This evening the 9th house concert takes place at Chronos Studio and as usual, almost all seats have already been occupied. We settle in a strategic place... the piano in front of us and alongside the guitars! Shortly after we settled down, the show begins and Andrea presents the first guest: the songwriter GIO BRESSANELLI, accompanied by FRANCESCO GUERINI.

These two artists have impressed me a lot even before they began their performance. Gio gave me the impression of a very sunny person who is full of enthusiasm while Francesco gave me the idea of a very sweet but reserved person. I kept this impression all the time during their performance. Gio defined Francesco as someone who embellishes his songs and adds colors to them with his accompaniment. The guitars vibrated with life and Gio told us, with his beautiful and very special voice, stories of real live, sometimes
sad, other times bright. "Angelina", "Consuelo" and other persons, told us their stories through the voice of Gio. Gio had the attitude of someone who tries to grasp with his eyes every gesture and every emotion that could convey something to him. Francesco, on the
other hand, was bent over his guitar and made it vibrating, he accompanied it even with his body, almost as if he were fusing with it. He kept his eyes closed, focused on every single note that came from his guitar. I had the feeling that Francesco kept himself in the
background to set Gio with his profound words, his music and his smile in the center of attention.

But Gio was not there and at the end of every song he looked to Francesco and it seemed as he would like to force him to raise the gaze and to share the applause with him, happy that they were telling something important together.

Gio and Francesco, you were great, you touched us with your music!!! Then it was Andreas turn, nothing against the other artists, but that's my favorite moment. Andrea's music hits me and excites me, it is able to convey feelings deep from the soul and some songs move me. I believe I have literally consumed his cd's... Andrea has played some of his songs, including some of my favorite songs (and I thank him very much for this nice surprise) one of them is "Hearts and Souls" the very first song that Andrea has made me listen to live at the music school... along with "Nuovi Sensazioni" is it one of the pieces that moves me and it remains for me the most beautiful song. Andreas performance was splittet in two parts and in the between came two other guests of the house concert.

Andrea has presented us the soprano CLELIA GRIGNAFFINI, a young student who is working on her diploma thesis with our Andrea as tutor! He accompanied her beautiful performance on the pianoforte. A beautiful voice, gentle and tender, she sung some pieces, which I think were very difficult to perform. A very strange and special song, talked about art and culture and of architecture. I do not remember the title anymore. With this song, the key has elevated strophe by strophe. It was the second time that I see Andrea accompanying a solo voice with the pianoforte. The first time was on Christmas Eve a few years ago at the first house concert. A wonderful evening that I remember with some nostalgia, because the first seed was sown at that time, the first stone of this beautiful mosaic, which from time to time gets filled with other colorful and precious stones. It was a very intimate evening, the invited guests belonged almost all to Andreas family, as if that thing, which was born there was meant to have its roots in the circle of the loved ones. His very dear grandparents were also present. I remained very amazed at this invitation, because I was almost a stranger to the family and I felt nevertheless very well in this atmosphere. On that evening Andrea has accompanied his partner Maria at the pianoforte, she has a soft but very gentle voice. She has sung some Christmas songs to wish us together with Andrea a Merry Christmas.

What nice memories... but we have to return to the present. The evening continued with a performance by Clelia, but her accompaniment changed, at the pianoforte was no longer Andrea, now FEDERICO FOLLONI played the piano, he is also a great musician and, if I am not wrong, he is the fiance of Clelia. Together, they present jazz songs, that evening we got some of them to listen. A well-established team in life and music! You are great!!

Then Andrea finished the evening by presenting his new projects. One of them is Pedala Piano, An idea born in the collaboration of Andrea with Francesco Mantovani and Daniele Leoni. They perform on a piano bicycle in the streets of the places where they are
invited to play. This idea has been realized just a little while ago and is already having great success. The other project is Andrea's new album, which will be entitled "Shadows" - it is created in collaboration with Francesco Camminati, the drummer of GB80. Andrea
gave us a preview by playing two songs from the new album, and I liked them very much, especially the first song. I believe that this is a good job too and that it will have success... We thank Andrea, Gio, Francesco, Clelia, Federico for the lovely evening and for having
sent so many emotions, and I want to do a special thanks to Gio for hisr smile...

Maria Pia