You as Poet

Here we publish your poetry that you have created by the inspiration of Andreas music.

Love, Liberty and Peace

The short story "Love, liberty and Peace by" Stefanie Fünfrocken is available in three languages. Chose your language by clicking on the corresponding link:German, English, Italian

Stefanie wrote this story already in 2005, but she got again in her mind by listening to Andreas music. "Piccola Bambina" (little girl) from the album"Partire" made her think of the little Jennifer from her story. She would have deserved to lead such a beautiful and protected childhood like the Piccola Bambina in Andreas Song. "Hearts & Souls" from the album "Stanze segrete" stands for the love and peace that is missing in the world. "Canzone della speranza sahrawi" from the album "Metamorfosi" made me think of the slaves!

Shinshine after rain

The poetry by Stefanie Fünfrocken is available in two languages: German and Italian 

For his "Metamorfosi project", Andrea worked with photographers from all over the world; for each of his songs, provided a different photographer pictures for the corresponding video. I provided the photos for the song "Sunshine after rain" and the song inspired me towrite these lines.


This poem by Annette Schrab Clark is written in English.

Andreas Song "Il volo di una farfalla" inspired her to write it.

We are saddened to tell that Annette has passed away on 27th April 2022, therefore you wont find any contact datas.

The Morning Sings To Me

Another poem by Annette Schrab Clark, it's available in English.

The song "Partire" inspired Annette to write this poem.


This poem is also written by Annette Schrab Clarkand is available in English.

Quote from Annette Schrab Clark:

"Inspired while I was listening to "Storie di Naufragi" (The Story of Ship wrecks) This is such a calming, yet reassuring and growing richer song as it goes. As though faith that keeps me strong. The words to the poem are a bit abstract, but has many layers of meaning. Although analyzing it is not at all needed I think, because Andrea's song sets that message within us even without words... calm, faith, belonging to nature, and giving in to it and knowing that it will take care of us."


A poem by Paola Pittalis in Italian.

Andreas song "Nightsound" (official video) from the album "Stanze segrete" inspired Paola to write this poem. She created also a video with this song as soundtrack.

Cuori nel vento

Another poem by Paola Pittalis,  it's also available in Italian.

The song "Cuori nel vento" (official video) inspired Paola to write this poem. She also created a video with this song as soundtrack. 

Moments of Life

This poem by Paola Pittalis is also available in Italian.

The song "Moments of Life"(offcial video)from the album Metamorfosi inspired Paola to write this poem.