concert at Bietzen (Germany) in march 2017

Here you can watch some more pictures of the concert.

At YouTube you can watch a video where Andrea and Francesco play live "The Wall" from the Pink Floyd. There is also a concert of the whole video, click here to watch it. 

There are two reports on this concert. One report written by Irene Jacobs and another one from Stefanie Fünfrocken.

Report by Irene Jacobs

Every now and then we are so lucky to experience magic moments in our lifes. I experienced such a moment on March 31st at Bietzen and I suppose it was much the same for the other listeners as well. My husband and me attended a concert by Andrea Carri and
Franceco Camminati, following an invitation of my sister-in-law Elke, who is member of the small but fine fanclub from that musician. So far I just knew some of his performances by browsing the net, but the performance that was awaiting us was simply great. The "Piano Man" and his drummer Francesco Camminati took us into a world of musical extravagance.

The name "Piano-Man" really hits the mark, because Andrea and his piano melt to a unity. Wonderfully soft tones, accompanied by the intense facial expression from the young musician. Furios the increasing intensity of the performances, ending with touching fading
sounds. Exciting also the tremendous drumsolo by Francesco. It was a great evening with excellent, likeable and her music loving musicians. The applause did not end and the encores were the cherry on top of a wonderful evening in a great atmosphere. A very
big thanks for all of that! What made this experience even more unique is the story behind.

Andrea and his "team" travel from Italy, play without fee and take the strain to visit their fan club. The accompanying persons are also involved with body and soul and very nice and friendly. After the concert, Andrea and his companions took a lot of time to talk to their audience. I sincerely hope that this evening was not just for us but also for Andrea and his crew a very special one.
One thing I know for sure: I will definitely be back the next time that Andrea Carri comes to Germany. Until then I wish Andrea and his team all the best and the success that they deserve.

Irene Jakobs

Report by Stefanie Fünfrocken

Since some months we were looking forward to the presentation of the new album "Shadows" by Andrea Carri and Francesco Camminati in Germany. On 31st March 2017 finally the great moment has come! The society Bietzerberg - miteinander füreinander e.V. (translated
it would mean "Bietzerberg - together for each other e.V.) has invited to a concert on occasion of the event series "Musik im Schuppen". The concert took place at the parish hall of the St. Martin Church.

The signs for the concert were not good at all because some fans, who attended the past concerts in Germany, had professional or private commitments. Others were suffering from health problems and could not come to the concert or were not able to make a decision until a few days before the concert date. So we have been very happy that many fans yet made the way to Bietzen
among the guests were also many people from the village and the artists could expand their fan base.

The concert programm was very varied and entertaining, they played songs from the new album as well as songs from the older albums and coverversions. Andrea and Francesco have quickly captured the audience and accordingly the audience accompanied the performance with clapping their hands in the rhythm of the music. One of the high lights of the evening was their cover from "The Wall" from the Pink Floyd! But the audience also clapped diligently their hands when the artists performed the song "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga. Some songs were Piano Solo pieces, with the soft and delicate tones the listeners could sit back and dream. With the song
"Vento dell'Ovest" Andrea showed that he can also write and play faster and more powerful songs. Francesco thrilled the audience with a breathtaking solo, which was honored with standing ovations. The two artists have already been playing together in the 80's tribute band GB80 since some years, whereas their collaboration as duo still is fairly young. In 2015 they had their first appearance as duo and thereby the idea for the Piano Drums project was born and they started to work on the album "Shadows". Between the two there is a great harmony and with their interactions they made for good humor. Andrea is a great fan of the author Stephen King and so it is not too amazing that the last song of the new album is dedicated to him. The song is titled "The Dark Tower - Part1: The Gunslingers", like the first book of the "The Dark Tower Saga".

Andrea and Francesco have experimented a lot in the working process for the album "Shadows", at that way they created many pieces, too many pieces for one single album. The last song from "Shadows" gives us already an idea what we can expect from the next album. At the end of the concert the artists became standing ovations once again and we could enjoy an encore. After the concert they were available to the fans for talking and giving autographs, the CD's were sold like hot cakes. The evening was a great success in every respect! Elke Wagner, one of the founder members of the fanclub, commented accurately on the fotoalbum of the society:
"together for each other.... that motto adapted very well. Old and young people, well mixed, were intently listening to the show, that the two on stage have conjured.".

The society Bietzerberg - miteinander füreinander e.V. has also cared for our physical well-being. At this point a heartfelt thanks for the friendly hospitality and special thanks to Mister Willi Klein, who organized the concert and who has led us through the evening.
We can not often enough thank the two artists who made the long travel to play for us. :)
Thanks also to their faithful companions! To Maria, who made pictures and short video clips; to Andrea Carlo who has operated the mixer and to Olbes, who has filmed the whole event.


PS: The album "Shadows" is dedicated to all war victims and to the clown Anas al-Basha, who worked at Aleppo, to help the traumatized children - at the end he has died due to a rocket attack.