December 2013

We asked Andrea these questions for an interview that we put on the fanclub advents calendar in 2013.

Andrea and his tomcat decorated the Christmas tree

What are your favorite Christmas cookies?

Actually I do not have any favorite cookies, but I prefer above all thePanettone,  since my childhood I was greedy of them. Now I like also thePandoro.

What is your favorite Christmas dinner?

Traditionally we have in Italy a festive lunch at the 25th December and a festive dinner at the Christmas Eve (at least in my family it is that way). In any case we have typical local dishes, which are made only at our region, particularly I love the In jedem Fall essen wir typische Speisen aus unserer Region, die nur hier zubereitet werden, ganz besonders mag ich die "Cappelletti in brodo" (filled pasta in broth), because they warm you up very well and help you to tolerate the cold of this time of the year.  

What is your favorite Christmas song?

I'm not a great lover of Christmas songs and generally I have difficulties to get into the Christmassy atmosphere (we should behave like all year long would be Christmas!!!). In any case I like to listen to "Venite fideli" and to play "Jingle Bells".

What do you love about Christmas?

I love the fact to have a break from the frenetic rhythm of the daily routine, to reflect and to spend time with the loved ones, to play mucis..... whereas I hate the hypocrisy that goes around, the consumerism: it would be necessary to give love every day of your life.