Concert at Chronos studio in September 2015

Watch more photos of the concert at Andreas Facebook page.

Thank you Maria Pia Pettolino for the report on the concert.

We are in the "flag room" where is majestically throning the black piano. But the room is a canvas and the piano a palette full of bright colors. Luca starts to play and paints with his notes an infinite and deep blue sky, full of white clouds. A sky where his Albatros is freely circling with his big unfolded wings, he seeks your balance, he finds your peace. And on this beautiful sky is showing up a hang glider, gently hovering, a small point, looking into infinity. Daniele loves this sky as well, from there he can look at things in their totality and who knows, maybe he will be able to understand the Piccoli Segreti (little secrets). The serenity from Daniele is amazing, it is penetrated with all his notes. But this great painting is gradually supplemented by many pieces of the heart, because each of us has added something to it, a sigh, a thought, a dream, a feeling... and Andrea, who is on the search for the beauty that often is found in hidden things, Andrea who steals the images from the past, resulting from forgotten objects, Andrea awakens with his music feelings that were dormant for some time. At this evening Luca, Daniel and Andrea have painted our souls with the colors of music.
What can I say, it was a magical evening! Thanks from my heart to all!

Maria Pia Pettolino