At this section we will put a link list that leads you to different sections from Andreas YouTube Channel.

We will also publish a few videos which Andrea made on special occasions for his fanclub. Enjoy! 😄

Link list:

Live-Streams - here you can watch videos of live-streams from Andreas concerts.

I Play Yours - Andrea publishes every month a video of him playing a famous song.

We play yours - videos of Andrea performing famous songs with different singers.

I Play Mine - Andrea publishes videos of him playing newer versions of his own songs.

Watch also the section with the official songs of his albums: Singularity, Shadows, Chronos, Metamorfosi, Stanze segrete and Partire.

Don't miss to watch the videos of the singles, that Andrea has published.

That's just a small selection. Visit Andreas YouTube Channel to discover more videos.


Andrea plays a concert in live stream to celebrate the 8th birthday of the fanclub.

Andrea plays "Jingle Bells" for the fanclub.

Andrea plays "Happy Birthday" to celebrate the 1st birthday of the fanclub.

Andrea plays "White Christmas" for the fanclub.