Concert at Saarwellingen (Germany)  October 2013

"Kulturtreff Altes Rathaus"  - Saarwellingen 12th October 2013 

There are 5 videos of the concert at Andreas YouTube Channel: Video 01, Video 02, Video 03, Video 04, Video 05.

At Andreas Facebookpage are some more pictures of his travel to Germany, the concert and the fanclub meeting.

Stefanie Fünfrocken wrote a report on Andreas first concert in Germany.

So far I knew Andrea’s music just by listening his CD’s or by attending YouTube Stream or the SoundCloud. In his YouTube stream I did already watch some videos of live concerts and noticed that his music is even more touching if you can see him playing live. So I
wished already for some time to attend one his concerts. Then the idea to have a concert in Germany was fairly quickly born after we founded the fanclub. Andrea wanted to come to Germany to give a concert for the members of his fanclub, it would have been fine for him to play just for a group of few people. But we wanted to give him the chance to make his music known to a wider public.

So I started to search for a suitable location and found one at Saarwellingen. The culture centrale of the commune provided us the “Kulturtreff Altes Rathaus”. A beautiful pianoforte was belonging to this location. Andrea arrived in Germany together with Francesco and
Fabio, Francesco accompanies him during all of his Piano Solo concerts. Fabio assists them by installing the equipment. Andrea’s parents came also to Germany to take part of his first concert outside of Italy.

Fabio Borrelli and Francesco Mantovani
Andreas parents

After the period of organisation and a few unscheduled happenings (like my stay in the hospital during the week of the concert) all of the tension was gone and I felt just a great joy of anticipation.

The artists met at 17 h at the location “Altes Rathaus” to install everything and to have a soundcheck. We joined them at 18:30 h to put the chairs and tables in order and to prepare some more things for the concert. We presented a guest book to Andrea, which he can also
take along to his future concerts. We put it together with the newsletterlists, the CD’s and merchandise products on a special table.


He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a
craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”
(St. Francis of Assisi)

The guests arrived bit by bit and the tension was rising again.

Finally the show started shortly after 20 h! Andrea appeared at the stage and took place at the pianoforte and soon the first piano tones were filling the room. He opened the concert with the song “Strade” from his album “Metamorfosi”. I devoted myself completely to the
music from this moment and so it is now difficult for me to give you a formal describtion of the rest of the concert. Of course I knew already most of the songs and had the melodies in my mind. But played live they had an even more intense effect on me. They were going under the skin and straight to my heart. A few times Andrea left the piano to speak in the microphone, telling a few words about the next song. Then he returned to the pianoforte and quickly he was again completely immerged in the black and white keys to release lots of emotions in us. Andrea played songs from all albums, a few new songs, an improvisation and a medley. The time was passing by far too quickly but we could easily convience him to give an encore.

Andrea Carri and Francesco Mantovani
Andrea Carri and Francesco Mantovani

After the concert all people involved received a fanclub cup filled with Halloren candys (from the oldest German chocolate factory) as thank you-gift from the fanclub. Here ended the official part of the concert. Now Andrea was available to talk to the guests and to give
autographs and many guests took the chance to buy a CD with a personal dedication and they told him their opinons on the concert verbally and / or by doing an entry in the guest book. We all agreed, that we had a wonderful evening, and we are looking forward to repeat it as soon as possible!

Stefanie Fünfrocken and Andrea Carri

Even at the day after I’m still feeling the influences from the concert.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Andrea!