House Concert at Wadgassen (Germany) in September 2014

Three fans have written down her thoughts on this concert. You can read them here. Andrea himself created a nice video with impressions on his German tour. 

House concert in our home
We decided at short notice to invite Andrea and Francesco to have a house concert at our house. They were anyway in Germany to play the matinee in the "Altes Rathaus" at Saarwellingen, but since one of his best fans could not be there at this day, we came up with the idea to organize a house concert. It's not so amazing that we got this idea, since in July we have experienced a house concert at Andrea's house and we enjoyed a lot the great atmosphere that comes with a house concert. This time I wont write a report about the concert, but Elke Wagner and Waltraud Baumann will give you some impressions. 😄

Still I would like to say: I also enjoyed the evening very much and would like to thank our Italian friends with all my heart... and a big thanks to Waltraud who supplied us with the tasty antipasti.... and thanks to Elke for her fancy and delicious cookies... and also thanks to
her and Brigitte for giving me a hand with the work at the kitchen. ;) I'm already looking forward to the next House concert - even if we probably have to wait a long time for it.

Stefanie Fünfrocken

Report by Elke Wagner

House concerts have a real special flair, they are not to compare with other concerts. Andrea and Francesco took great efforts, first they played each solos and then they played together with four hands. Andrea was playing songs from his previous albums but performed also new songs from his album "Chronos" - with a dedication and intensity that's peerless. The sound was set up perfectly for the location so that it did not harm the ears, the audibility was pleasant so that we could fully enjoy the music.

Andrea Carri and Francesco Mantovani

The music was going under the skin, even up to each single hair tip. I hardly can describe how I felt. The music was accompanied by videos, I knew already a few of them, but there were also new videos... the newest one has a lovesong as soundtrack:
"Le parole che non ti ho detto mai" (The words that I never have told you). Andrea dedicated this song to his partner Maria. And Maria directed the video. Andrea and Francesco were starring two men, who were trying different ways to express their feelings and what their girlfriends mean to them, partly the screen was splitted, on the left you saw Andrea, on the right Franceso as they were writing down their thoughts, using a pen and paper... but at the end he scrunched the paper... or Francesco was using his cell phone, but had to close it without sending his message... Andrea was typing at his notebook..- line by line..... but then letter by letter became deleted... and we got to see the thoughtful faces of both of them, they became aware that they wont find the right words to express their feelings. It was simply enchanting and touching with the convenient song to the scenes, I'm not sure if I could describe it well to you - but I tried my best. Everyone in the room felt enthusiastic but also touched.

Tasty cookies made by Elke

These young men and ladies are so simple and nice that it was a great pleasure to spend the evening together with them. And we had nice food - oh my God - I'm still crazy about it - Italian cuisine at its best, sponsered by one of us. It was very fresh and came directly imported from Italy. But also Steffi worked flat out, she baked her delicious raisin snails and nut wedges and, convenient for the season,
onion tart and Federweißer. The evening ended with my "musical" cookies (in shape of violin clefs, notes and piano) and a cup of coffee.
If they come back next year, we will have a house concert at our house and Brigitte, another guest, said spontaneously that they would also love to host a house concert at her home. I think it shows you clearly how much we enjoyed the evening! We would like to enjoy once again this beautiful music and atmosphere in such an intimate setting.

Report by Waltraud Baumann

Finally the time has come: I arrived in Differten, completely tense due to the everyday hassle and the pleasant anticipation helped also to make my fingers trembling. After the warm welcome with the people that I already knew and with some new fans of Andrea got my heartrate slowly back to normal.

Waltraud Baumann

The concert started...
Andrea presented songs from his new CD "Chronos", but also songs from "Metamorfosi" and "Stanze Segrete". Then the playing has become very spirited when he and Francesco Mantovani were playing together with four hands. Everything was accompanied in a perfect way by videos, presented from Maria de Vivo. My personal favorite was once again "Sunshine after Rain", a song which touches me every time that I'm listening to it. All to soon said Andrea: "... and now comes the last song for today".

Part of the tasty Antipasti

A wonderful evening with a lot of closeness and a view at details, as it could not have happened during a "normal concert", was drawing to a close. The evening ended on a cozy note with delicious antipasti, onion cake, sweet treats
and in good company. After the concert I missed to sign the guestbook. So my comment comes at this place:

THANK YOU for your readiness
THANK YOU for your enthusiasm
THANK YOU for your dedication
THANK YOU for your love
And you, my dear Steffi and Thomas THANK YOU for opening your home for us.

Waltraud Baumann