concert at chronos studio in January 2016

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It's saturday evening and I'm together with a friend. A little time ago we have arrived at the Chronos Studio and we are preparing to enjoy an evening made of music and emotions. After climbing upstairs we enter the charming "room of flags". There is an atmosfere of
anticipation and the voices are hushed. Every now and then there are a few laughter while they are doing the latest tricks on the camera and the pc to get the livestream running. The places in the room are almost all taken and so we take seats behind the piano, my friend is not very convinced about the position since she wanted to have a better view, but she has to resign... As soon as everything is ready,

Andrea inaugurates the evening by doing the landlord and presenting in a humorously manner his friend, collaborator and pianist FRANCESCO MANTOVANI. Francesco enters the room smiling at Andrea's jokes and in company of NOEMI TOMMASINi. Noemi is the singer of the band DejaBlues of which belongs also Francesco. During the presentation Andrea told us that he likes Noemi's voice because it has a particular tone and in fact it's true. The concert starts and the music of the piano is accomapanied by that beautiful voice that I would describe as deep and warm. If I close my eyes it seems like being in one of these romantic places that you know from movies where the performing singer is almost always a beautiful black woman with a tight dress and a persuasive voice that smothes all. I have the impression that the warm voice from Noemi at times becomes scratchy, but nonetheless sweet... The songs follow one of another and sometimes there are piano solo pieces where Francesco gives his best. Once they have finished performing, they leave the place to the next artist by our applause and "Bravi" shouts.

The artist who performs then is LORENZO MASOTTO, one of the best emerging artists on the European scene (using the words from Andrea). Lorenzo takes place at the piano e speaks just a very few words, he says that he is very happy to be here and that the house
concerts are the best because of the intimate and cozy atmosphere and because you feel better the feelings and the energy transmitted be the audience. Then he does something that he has done never before in his concerts, he decides to improvise.... no sheets, no song already composed... all the time in the wave of our energy. Lorenzo plays without stopping or saying any word about 20 minutes. In that moment the music is the one and only hostess and everything around is silence. And it goes from very sweet notes to very low and very deep notes, it almost seems like the hands want to go over the piano keyboard, searching for even lower notes, if it were possible. It feels that these notes come from the depths of the earth and echo overlapping with each other and also among each other. Then the many notes become to only one single note that seems to scan the time, similar to a inistent drop thatakes noise when it touches the ground. Then the other notes get back and a new melody takes the place... Once he has finished his composition, Lorenzo left the room the same way in which he had entered it before, he is greeting and thanking us.

Then it is ANDREA CARRI's turn.
About Andrea I have already said so many things and if someone did not yet understand - I like his music really quite a lot. When I asked Andrea for the first time to play something for me, he has played the beautiful song "Hearts and souls" and crushed me with it. I hardly like a song at the first listen, but when it happens and the song has reached my heart, then it never again will leave it. The music from Andrea came in my life like a thunderclap. I think if you love a music that much, it is because the feelings that the author wants to communicate, meet with your own feelings... they look at each other and see that they resemble each other and they embrace and become part of you, even if the sharing of feelings not means to share all of the thoughts of the other. The music from Andrea is gentle indeed but it gives strong feelings yet. So it has happened to me. Andrea has started to play "Orsa minore", the gentle notes of the
beginning enter slowly the darkness of the night. The look went straight to a small star, pulsing in a weak and yet brilliant light. Then the eyes are wandering and look at full sky, the moon and other small stars. The notes rise and chase each other while our horizon is
getting wider. The music that accompanies your visual journey into the heart and into the soul, as a tale that ends where it began. The small star opened a boundless universe to you. So that's what music can transmit, just an boundless universe where emotions embrace
and find a home. The house concert is a great opportunity to live this thinking that music accompanies us in our life as art in general. It's up to us to listen to it and to accept it.

Thanks to Andrea and the other artists who have performed this evening because they made us returning home with some more wealth. THANK YOU!
Anna Maria Pia.