House Concert at Campegine in December 2013

25th Dezember 2013

Thanks to Maria Pia Pettolino who send us this report. 😄

This year we spent the evening of the Christmasday in a very special way. Andrea wanted to make us a gift and invited us to a very nice and special concert at his home. My husband and me arrived at 20 h and some of the guests were already there. 

They prepared the room, where Andrea usually takes refuge to play and compose his beautiful songs, very heartly. A not very big room, at the walls are many flags from different nations. The concert would take place in this room. I took a seat right behind the stool, where Andrea would sit to play and I was very happy to have such a privileged“ place. From here I would observe every movement and feel every emotion. And it really was that way! 

While Andrea was playing there were running the videos, who usually accompany the songs from Andrea.... really very beautiful videos, but I was caught by Andrea's right hand (I could see only this one from my place), that seemed to streak the keys. Then I turned around to have a look at this video.... well... but my eyes returned again to that hand, which seemed to float... Then in some moments the touch was strong and determined and then I saw the fingers almost sinking into the keys. I would have liked to be inside of the piano to see each of the movements even better. Despite I saw Andrea only partially and just his back I could feel quite well his emotions 
because they were flowing through his body: the movement of his shoulders, the bending of his body towards the piano, the smoothness and the delicateness in anticipation or lasting of some notes... one emotion after the another. 

At the end of the concert there were some surprises.... someone was singing a song and then we all were singing together, but it was a very special moment, when Maria, the girlfriend from Andrea, with a whispering voice was singing some Christmas carols, accompanied by Andrea's pianoforte. You could feel that she was excited and you could also feel that she was singing just for Andrea (at least that is what I felt) and not to exhibit herself. I would have liked to join her, to support her with her sweet and soft voice. But I hardly could ruin such a sweet moment. 

After the concert Andrea's cordial parents surprised us with a tasty Buffet. We were about 20 people, but there was so much of food that easily 10 more people could have eaten with us. So we got to know Andrea's family, a modest and hospitable family who is not fancied because they have such a musical talent in the family. Andrea's mother asked us to be one first name-basis with her and she took care of all our needs. The father is also very friendly but more reserved, he was talking to his relatives. There were also Andrea's grandparents, two very lovely persons. 

And the tomcat Batuffolo, a rascal, who was curiously running through the house. The evening passed by very quickly and when we were leaving Andrea's mother gave us another present, as if we did not already get enough presents. The men received a delicate Panettone with a rattle, some did enjoy themselves by bringing them to clink. We women received a white pot with a seedling. I'm not very successful in growing plants but I will do my best and every time that I watch at the plant I will remember of this beautiful Christmas evening in 2013, that we spent in such a special way at Andrea's house. 

Maria Pia Pettolin