Church concert at Cadelbosco in March 2014

The  pictures  of the concert are to be found at Andreas Facebook page.

At his YouTube Channel are 5 videos of the concert: Video 01, Video 02, Video 03, Video 04, Video 05.

Maria Pia Pettolino,, who organized the concert, wrote a wonderful report for us.  😊

Saturday 22nd March 2014 – Church Ss Assunta at Cadelbosco Sotto (RE), Italy


Dear Andrea, 
the concert on Saturday at our church was extraordinary! 

I have never before organised a concert, but since I know you I always had the desire to organise one for you to share my „discovery“ to my friends and relatives.

And since I did not have any clue about these things I was becoming a provisional presenter... and together with you I found the predictive date for the concert... Saturday 22nd March. 

If I remember correctly it was in October when we fixed the date of the concert... How much did I want this concert and how much was I looking forward to it! And each day I had new ideas... 

How many times did I contact you either through mail or phone? "Andrea, I need your datas! Andrea, when will you come along to have a look at our church? Andrea, you have to play „Nuove sensazioni“ for me... Andrea here.. Andrea there.” Well, perhaps I was getting on your nerves a little bit!

And so: day by day, month by month.... 

Concertflyer created by Maria Pia Pettolino

22nd March...

For some days the colorful posters to anounce the concert were circulating... I put all three covers of your albums within one drawing. At 20:30 h came the people bit by bit and the church was filling up. At 21:15 h the light was going out.... and everything begun... We started the registration and, like on tip toes, the first notes of the song „Times Flies“ filled the church. This new song from you accompanied a short narration about the annunciation of the angel Gabriel to Marry, presented by three beautiful and sweet little girls: Ilenia, Gloria and the tinest of them, Maria Benedetta. Just when the song ended, resounded the tone of the song "O Santissima”. It was the first of four songs, presented by the chorus „IL BOSCO" (from Cadelbosco Sopra). I make part of it.

After our songs came „your moment“ and an exceptional presenter (who already finished her career again as I can guarantee ) talked about you and told the public, that you manage to make travelling the emotiogs of whom who is listening to you. Like you know, I was that presenter and after my presentation „type San Remo“ (as a friend described it jokingly) started the video with the song ”Strade”.

In the middle of the song did you appear at the scene... and you made a wonderful gesture towards the public.... I don't know how to call it.... you droped a curtsy.... you made a bow... I don't know..... but for sure the public reacted with a brawly applause!! What emotions!!! Your songs were one after the other accompanied by wonderful videos with very nice pictures. I was watching the faces of the people who were following the pictures at the screen and in the moments when there were displayed the images of "Heart and souls” and "Memoria”, the consternation was palpable. Every now and then you got up and were talking to the public with disarming simplicity... I like it when you are talking to the crowd and I feel that you should do it even more often. Anyway Andrea, even if you not are talking, the music is talking for you.... it's your music, which talks about your emotions, your feelings, your sensations.... 

And I feel touched and fascinated by another thing too, it's...... your hat. It makes me think of a man who leaves the house to go anywhere...... perhaps he goes in the bar downriver.... perhaps he leaves for a long travel.... his hat accompanies him.... it protects him, gives 
him shelter.. Perhaps it is similar with you... You put the hat on your head and you make a travel everytime that your fingers hit the keys of the piano... your hat is there..... it accomanies you, it protects you and it gives you shelter.... it is lying on the piano, patiently waiting for you, like a faithful friend. 

And, song by song, we got to the end of the concert. You talked about your new project „Chronos“ and then you sent your greetings and thanked all. Your friends were also there. Francesco Mantovani, who played a few songs and who accompanied you through the concert with his suggestive background music. The piece, that you were playing with four hands, was very nice and amusing. And there was Fabio, who told me that he did not see you during the past two months, but now he was there to assist you. And there was Maria, your girlfriend, who played the videos, lovely like always. 

It was almost 23 h by the time the lights got turned on again. Some people left to go home, others came to the table to buy CD's, others were going straight ahead into the room, where we have prepared a recreation for all. There we could chat and you got compliments from the poeple. „His playing is divine“, said a friend. Now I close the letter and I thank all who helped to enable this concert..... special thanks to Francesco and Sabrina. Dear Andrea, what left the concert? Imagine! The day after I got a call from a friend, she told me that her son decided to get back to take piano lessons after he quited a few months ago. It tells its own tale... Thanks Andrea, for your wonderful music. I'm greeting your with a big hug in anticipation of the next concert.

Maria Pia