December 2014

In 2014 we put another interview with Andrea in our advents calendar.

Andrea at Elba

Now another year has gone by since our last interview with you! What were the most beautiful moments for you in 2014?

"2014 was a fantastic year with many important moments, one of them are the experiences that I made at London! To play at the Roundhouse and St. Pancras has been one of the most beautiful experiences in my life! And it was also very beautiful to follow the realisation of Chronos and to listen to the final product! Finally my little vacation at Elba belongs also to the beautiful and stimolating moments.

And what were the worst moments?
I don't know, in general there are ups and downs in life and I learnt to deal with them with patience and persistence. The bad moments take a back seat and get almost forgotten if you have dreams to follow and to live them.
What are your plans for 2015? Any new projects?
Honestly I don't know! As always I'd love to play Chronos and my music as much as possible and to consolidate the house concerts, at my home as well as at others. From the compositional side, I will particularly focus on the realisation of the new album of the "Onde acustiche".

How will you spend the holidays?
With studying at home, there is a degree to be taken!
Your season greetings for your  fans:
Follow always your dreams with patience and determination - during every period of the year! Best wishes!